Cash Bandits 2 Slots

Cash Bandits 2 is a loved sequel to the original game that takes you on a journey with a pair of criminals trying to steal as much as they can. The game gives you a look at two guys that are trying to break into a bank and get away with the cash. The game is entertaining and offers some impressive features that you don't get with any others. We were impressed by the features, and it's those that we wanted to dig in as much as possible while doing this game review. Keep reading to learn all about this thrilling slot sequel.

Crafted by Realtime Gaming

Realtime Gaming is a popular development company that's responsible for hundreds of different slot games. The company is behind this game as well, and if you enjoy this game, you can get access to the hundreds of other options as well while playing here. Get familiar with the different games available from the company, and you'll start to see how many options are available to you.

Demo it First

Cash Bandits 2 runs in a demo mode if you want to try the game without spending your real money on it. If you would like to test the features out, you can do so in Demo mode and get familiar with how the game feels and plays before you spend your own money on it.

Entertaining Bank Robbers

The entire game is themed after a pair of loveable bank robbers. The robbers are trying to crack into safes, and they will work hard to make that happen. There are a variety of symbols that all go along with this theme, and that makes it more convenient than ever to try out this game.

A Complex Slot Game

Many slots are meant to be as simple as possible. This isn't true of this game. Instead, the slot has a mix of different adjustments you can make to get the play features just the way you want them. Choose the speed of the reels, adjust the paylines that are active, adjust your wager with precision and even choose the number of spins to go through if you want to use the autoplay feature. Between all these different options, you will likely feel overwhelmed, and that's before you even start adjusting things.

A Progressive Slot with Powerful Jackpots

This modern slot can best be described as a progressive jackpot slot with exciting prizes and real winning opportunities. If you decide to play this game, you'll have two random jackpots you can play for as well as some excellent features for you to make use of.

Wager on up to 25 Lines

With a total of 25 paylines to use, there are many different options available for you as far as wagers go. The lines can be turned on and off, which means you can adjust between having a good chance of winning prize payouts and saving as much money as possible as you play. Turn the lines to spend a bit more for opportunities, or turn all but one of the lines off to save on wagering costs.

Place Bets with Precision

As a gambler in this slot, you can bet a wide range of amounts while playing the slot. Choose a wager as low as $0.01 per spin and stretch your money for a long time. Choose the maximum wager of $25.00 per spin and play for the most valuable prize payouts. It's possible for you to try the game while wagering at a variety of different levels, and it's up to you to choose a wager value you are comfortable with.

Exploring the Paytable

This game comes loaded with prize payouts at different levels. The top fixed payout is worth 5,000 coins, and the next best payout is valued at 2,000 coins. There are many other prizes as well, and some of them are worth playing for, while others are not. Getting familiar with the different prizes and playing for the best payouts is the way to have a good time while playing this game. Get used to the different opportunities, and you'll know exactly which symbols you want to appear while you play the game.

The Impressive Vault Feature

The bonus round in this game is known as the Vault feature. In this special round, you choose numbers in an effort to unlock extra perks. Choose the right numbers, and you unlock vaults that give you more spins or better multipliers. With the best luck on your side, you could get as many as 190 free spins and a 17x prize multiplier. With those benefits on your side, you could win massive prizes and really build up a surplus of money that would go straight to your bankroll. Even if you don't get the largest number of free spins or the best multiplier, this bonus round still offers some excellent rewards.

An Excellent Value

Many new slot games don't offer the same value as some of the older options do. They pack in features and beautiful graphics and use those things as an excuse to tune down the value of the game. This isn't the case with this slot, at least not all the time. It has an excellent value or a not-so-great value depending on how the game is configured. If you play this game at the right casino, you'll have a very good chance of winning some large prize payouts. The prizes aren't the same for everyone, but there are good wins to be had for sure.

Our Honest Rating

We were impressed by this game and couldn't help but give it a good review. After spending time with this slot, we decided to rate it a 4.5 out of 5.0. That's one of the highest ratings we've ever given out, and that's because this game has beautiful graphics, powerful features, and a bonus round that will keep you spinning for more opportunities. There is a lot to do on this game, and it's easy to get overwhelmed at the possibilities.

Win up to 50,000 Coins

It's possible to uncover some huge prize payouts while playing this game. In fact, you could win as much as 50,000 coins on a single spin of the reels. With such large prize payouts possible with this game, it's no wonder that more gamblers aren't testing it out.

Enjoy this Slot for Fun

There is no reason to spend real money on this slot if you don't feel like doing so. The game is available n a free play mode. Load it in Demo mode, and you can play as long as you like without spending any money. Play this way for entertainment, and you can play for real money when you want to try for prize payouts.

Play for Real Money

The moment you feel confident enough to play with real money, you can swap to standard mode and start trying for significant prize payouts. This slot offers huge wins to gamblers that are willing to take a risk, and that's something you'll have to do if you ever want to get a good win.

Take This Game Anywhere on Mobile

There is something to love about being able to play slots and other games on your mobile device rather than having to play the games on a computer and being stuck in one location. The slot offers mobile support, and the game runs in a web browser, so you can easily play it anywhere you like without an app download.

After spending time playing with this game and getting to know its features, it is easy to see why so many other people spend time with this slot. Test it for yourself to see if it fits your needs and is interesting to you. There's a lot to love about the game, though, and we feel good about recommending it to most people.