Epic Holiday Party Slots

Epic Holiday Party is a newer slot game from Realtime Gaming that combines beautiful styling and a fun theme to create a game that's worth testing for just about anyone. If you like looking at beautiful women, you'll have three different options to look at while you play. The game is all about Santa having fun with beautiful women, and that's exactly what the game feels like as you play. There are neon lights, glowing signs, and lots of flashing colors while you spin in this game, and that all works together to give this game a fun party feel. Try it yourself, or read through our complete review to see what we mean.

An RTG Game

Realtime Gaming or RTG is the mastermind behind this game, and it shows. The game is beautiful and packs in some nice features too. This is exactly what RTG is known for. If you like having access to great games, it makes sense to join a casino offering this game. You'll have hundreds of games to play, and you'll be impressed with how many of them are top-quality options.

Try it Free First

Before you put any of your own bankroll at risk, you can test play this game for free. Join the casino, and you'll be able to open up this slot and many others and try them free. You'll have access to a pretend balance as you play this slot game, and you can use that balance to help you get familiar with this game and all the features it has to offer. Spend time getting to know the game, and then you can decide if you want to play using real money later on.

Designed for Simplicity

There are just a few buttons you have to be aware of when you play this game, and the designers did a nice job at keeping things from looking cluttered and overwhelming. We love the layout of this game, and most gamblers will only use the plus and minus bet symbols and the spin button while playing. This makes the game ideal for new gamblers that aren't sure about more complex features.

A Multi-Progressive Jackpot Slot

This new slot game has four different progressive jackpots that players can win. Each of these jackpots grows in size as you play the game, and they can award small prizes up to massive payouts depending on the one you win. Either way, these random jackpots give you one more thing to play for with this slot.

243 Ways to Win

This game uses a 243-ways to win setup that pays out in clusters of symbols. When you spin this game, you'll get prize payouts that almost seem random. The payouts aren't random at all, though. Wins occur frequently thanks to the design of this game, and you'll start to rely on frequent payouts as you get familiar with this game.

Just a Few Wager Options

We don't like the wagering options for this game because they are very limited. The minimum wager amount is $0.88, which will be too high for some players, and the maximum wager is just $8.80, which is going to be too low for many. Between those two values, you need to choose the wager value that's right for you. There are many gamblers that won't be able to pick an amount that they're happy with.

Low Pay with Frequent Wins

It's easy to get demoralized when looking at the paytable for this slot game. The table is full of small prize payouts when compared to many other slots available today. That doesn't mean this game is a poor option, though. Instead of winning thousands of dollars from a single winning combination, you'll have to rely on combinations of multiple wins to get the payouts you seek. This isn't difficult to do with this slot, though, because prize payouts occur regularly and combination wins are common.

The Jackpot Pick Bonus

Many times when you trigger one of the progressive jackpots in this game, you'll be taken to a bonus game that determines which of the four jackpots you receive. In this round, it's up to you to choose from 12 different options to uncover which jackpot you're getting. Choose carefully, and you could pick one of the most valuable jackpots overall. This bonus round adds a more dynamic feel to the slot, but it could result in a small jackpot when you're hoping for a large one.

Just Okay Free Spins

The free spin round in this slot isn't that great. You get 12 free spins without any sort of multiplier whenever you get three or more scatter symbols. The bonus can result in some decent prize wins, but you aren't likely to uncover a life-changing win from the feature.

A Lackluster Value

With a return of around 95% of the money it takes in, this slot isn't generous with its payouts. We know a bunch of other games that give out a higher percentage of the money they take in. This slot won't impress gamblers that care about value.

Our Honest Rating

After getting to know all the different features and bonuses, and payouts offered by this game, we decided to rate it a 3.2 out of 5.0. This isn't an amazing rating, but this slot game is still enjoyable to play. We would have rated it with a higher value if the bonus round was better and the payout percentage was higher. Those issues, along with the limited betting options, were are real problems with this slot game.

The Best Wins are Combinations

The biggest wins you'll ever get from this slot game are all combinations of several different wins. That's because the prize payouts are small, and you'll depend on getting many different paying lines all at once in order to win thousands.

Fun Play Supported

This slot is designed for new gamblers, and it's no surprise that it offers players a Fun Play mode. In this mode, you can test all the features of the game without spending money. You are free to continue playing the game for as long as you like, and you can use the play money balance the whole time.

Real Money Play Supported

If you decide you want to play for real money prizes, you have to spend your own money to do so. This slot makes it easy to get started, and as long as you're a member of a RTG casino, you can start wagering almost immediately. The selection of wager amounts isn't great, but if you're comfortable with one of them, you can have some fun with this game.

It's Mobile Friendly

This slot is designed for mobile players, and it runs very well on most modern phones and tablets. Whether you have an Android you have a iOS device, you should expect decent performance. The game will play well, and you can take it with you wherever you like. It's also easy to swap between different devices while playing this slot.

All-in-All, we like some things about Epic Holiday Party and dislike some others. We were impressed with the graphics and animations, as well as the frequency of the prize wins. We weren't so impressed with the wagering options, the bonus features, or the overall value of the game. It's up to you to choose if the perks are enough for you to try this slot or not.