Cash Bandits 3 Slots

Cash Bandits 3 is a crime-themed slot with a cool bonus, beautiful animations, and a fun theme. It's worth testing if you like huge bonuses. The game loads some cool perks, but it's not perfect. There are issues with it too. Learn the good, the bad, and everything in between with our review.

Another Impressive RTG Creation

RTG or Realtime Gaming is a well-known software company in the gambling industry. The business is well-known for creating beautiful slots that also stand out for their features. If you like swapping games frequently, or you just want access to a nice blend of different themes and features, Realtime Gaming casinos have that to offer.

Demo the Games

New gamblers that want to test out this game to see if they enjoy it don't have to spend money getting familiar with it. Instead, they can load the slot and try out all the features for free. This game has a Demo mode available. When playing in Demo mode, you can wager any amount you like and spin the reels all with play money. The game works the same in either mode, but you can't win any actual money when playing for free.

Loveable Criminals Try to Make it Big

This slot game shows off a pair of criminals that are working hard to break into a bank and come away with cold-hard cash. The goal of the two crooks is to get into a series of bank vaults and to get away with a huge pile of cash. Unfortunately, things aren't as easy as they seem. The criminals struggle to win big, and you'll be rooting for them the whole time because your winnings rely on them succeeding. Spin the reels and hope for that one big break that makes both of your dreams come true.

A Cluttery Game

The layout of this slot is pretty cluttered. While there aren't a huge number of buttons on the slot, the buttons, as well as the different indicators for the game, are all grouped in one location. This makes the slot look cluttered and a bit overwhelming even though it's simple to play, and you'll likely be comfortable with this slot just moments after testing it out for the first time.

A Modern Slot with Progressive Jackpots

There are two different progressive jackpot rewards tied to this game, and they slowly increase in value each time you spin while playing. The jackpots are given out at random, and you'll be hoping to unlock the hundreds or even thousands of dollars linked to these random payouts. The game comes with some nice animations as well as a few interesting features as well that gives it a decidedly modern look and feel.

Play on up to 25 Paylines

There are 25 paylines for you to wager on and to play on with this slot. The lines are adjustable, so it's up to you to choose how many of them you'll wager on as you spin again and again. Turn off most of the lines and bet larger while making your money last longer. Turn all the lines on and increase your chances of winning a prize payout significantly so you can get payouts more frequently.

Limited Upper Wagers

There are a total of 25 paylines, and you have a lot of flexibility over how you wager, thanks to the adjustable paylines featured in this game. With that said, you can't wager a huge amount per spin because the line bet is capped at a pretty modest amount. You can wager between $0.01 and $1.00 per line, giving you a maximum of $25.00 per spin when playing Cash Bandits 3. That's not enough for most high-rollers, but it's going to be plenty for the average gambler.

A Paytable Worth Playing For

Even though you won't see huge prize payouts shown on the paytable of this slot, there are some decent wins to play for. The best win comes from five wild symbols, and that will leave you with 5,000 coins. The next best win is five of the police officer symbols, and that's worth 2,000 coins. After that, there's a prize worth 1,000 coins and the rest are in hundreds or tens. These prizes aren't huge, but they trigger frequently, and you'll be playing for the bonus round anyway. That means any fixed payout win will just help you continue playing for the bonus.

Everyone Stays for a Chance at Unlocking Vault Free Spins

The Vault bonus round is the most important feature of this slot, and without the bonus, we wouldn't recommend this game to anyone. This intense bonus round is triggered when you get three or more scatters out at the same time. You can get between 5 and 8 digit guesses by getting scatters. These guesses are to try and break into four different vaults. Each vault you get in gives you free spins or a prize multiplier. If you're extremely lucky, you could get as many as 390 free spins from this bonus round. Just about as impressive as the huge number of free spins is the intense 23x multiplier you could get on all your wins during the bonus round. Unlock that huge multiplier, and you could be looking at some pretty significant wins from the casino game. You'll have to open up all five of the different vaults in order to unlock the best bonus experience, though, so pick your numbers carefully.

Just an Okay RTP

Approximately 95 percent of the money taken in by this game is given back out as prizes. That's decent, but it isn't impressive. There's a long list of slot games that give out more money than this one does. We still recommend this game because of how enjoyable it is, but we don't recommend it to the players that are looking for the best value overall. There are other games out there that offer a better value than this one does based on the numbers alone.

Our Rating

After getting a good look at the numbers themselves and testing this slot for ourselves, we decided to rate it a 4.2 out of 5.0. That's an excellent rating, and it means that this game beats out many of the others that we've tested in the past. This game isn't perfect, though, and there are many things it could do better. The payouts are decent, and the bonus is superb, but we wish this slot was a better value, and we wish there were a few other bonus features to play for rather than just the jackpots and the vault bonus.

Unlock Massive Wins

There's a ton of cash to be had from this slot game, even if the paytable and the progressive jackpots make you think otherwise. The real money comes from the bonus round, and that's what you'll be trying for the entire time you play this slot. With multipliers up to 23x and loads of potential free spins, the winnings are nearly limitless if you're lucky enough.

Play as Much as You LIke for Fun

This slot works for the gambler that just wants to have fun and doesn't care about real money. In fact, you don't need real money to play if you don't want to win real money. Gamblers that want to take a break for wagering with real cash could load this game and play with pretend money. This is a nice way to continue being entertained without spending any more. New gamblers do this all the time, and even seasoned players might put it in play mode when taking a break.

Easily Wager with Real Money

Since this slot was made for real online gamblers, it's simple to play it using real money. As long as you have an account at a compatible casino, you can use your cash balance to play this. Choose a wager you're comfortable with and start spending your money hoping for a win.

Take this Slot Along or the Ride

You're not locked in one place just because you want to try this slot game. In fact, you can take it with you anywhere that an internet connection is available. The game is meant to run on mobile and works on Android and iOS devices. Take it with you wherever you go, and you can play with ease.

Cash Bandits 3 is a highly enjoyable slot game that really relies on its bonus game to keep gamblers coming back for more. It feels a bit dull during the base rounds and gets thrilling once you unlock the vault feature. We say it's worth playing, but you'll have to decide that for yourself.