Cash Bandits Slots

If you aren't familiar with the game already, Cash Bandits is a big title from Realtime Gaming that's about loveable criminals trying to get away with cold hard cash from the local bank. The slot is funny, it's entertaining, and it has a lot going on it overall. Sure, it isn't perfect, but we found ourselves enjoying this game while demoing it. If you're interested in the game and learning more about what it has to offer, spend the time to read through our review to learn about its features, the powerful Vault bonus, and more.

A Realtime Gaming Production

Realtime Gaming is a leading name in the gambling industry because the company is responsible for hundreds of different slot games. With so many various games to select from, it's nice being a member of a Realtime Gaming casino. You can test new games all the time, and it won't take long before you start to pick out games you love. RTG casinos generally only offer games from this developer, so if you're searching for slots by many different developers, you will likely have to look for a different option instead.

Demo it First

Before you spend your money on a slot you aren't familiar with, consider testing this game for free. The slot offers a demo mode you can use once you're a free member of any Realtime Gaming casino. Join one and start playing this for free for as long as you want! All the features work the same, but you can't win any real money while wagering in this slot.

A Fun Cops and Robbers Story

This game is focused on the story of a robber trying to break into a bank, but there's a police officer involved in the slot as well. It shows off a bunch of bright and entertaining symbols and keeps things interesting for the players involved. The game has crime-related symbols such as stacks of cash, bags of money, safes, robbers, handcuffs, and more. It's fun to look at, and the slot stands out for its style before anything else.

An Easy Game to Play

There is one row of controls for this slot, and they're designed to make the game simple to play as well. Even players that are new to online gambling will feel comfortable with this game because of the way it's designed. That's why we recommend the game to so many different gamblers out there.

Win the Progressive Jackpot

With two different progressive jackpots to win, there is a lot of cash available to grab with this slot. The jackpots increase in value the longer you play, and they are awarded randomly. If you're interested in playing for big cash prizes, these two prizes make the game more exciting to play with.

25 Selectable Paylines

There are 25 paylines in this slot overall, and it's up to you whether you wager on all those lines with every spin you complete or not. You can switch the slot lines on and off, and this is one of the main tactics that gamblers use to adjust their wager amount when playing this game. By turning lines off, you can reduce your wager amount substantially.

Bet Low or High

The lowest wager you can make while playing this game is $0.01 per spin. The maximum wager that's possible is $25.00 per spin. These values are good for most gamblers, and you set your wager amount by choosing the number of paylines you wish to use and the coin value for each line. When you have both of these values set, you are ready to start spinning and playing for wins.

Respectable Prize Payouts

Even though this slot game isn't likely to make most gamblers rich when they play it, it has the potential to pay out very well to lucky players. The base prize is worth up to 2,500 per line, but you can get far more than that during the VAult feature when there are prize multipliers in place. With up to a 4x multiplier, you could win 10,000 coins all on a single payline while playing this game, and that feature is known for triggering multiple prize wins and for being an excellent value for its players.

The Game is Worth Playing for Gamblers Interested in Value

There are so many entertaining slot games that are not worth playing if you care about value. This game isn't one of them. The slot is entertaining, but it's a good value as well. On average, the game pays out more than 97% of the money it takes in as prize money. That's a good rate, and it helps this slot stand out from the many others that we tested in the past. This game giving players a high value for their money is just one of the reasons we recommend it to gamblers looking for a good slot, though.

Unlock the Vault Feature

Our favorite aspect of this game is the Vault Bonus round, and that's true for most gamblers that test it. That's because this bonus feature is just so powerful, and it's how you'll win most of your money while playing this game. The bonus triggers when you get three or more scatters. The moment you do that, you're taken to a special round where you're tasked with choosing a set of numbers. These numbers are key to everything else in this bonus round. The numbers are combination guesses that go to the different safes that are set up around the screen. Some safes have prize multipliers, and others have free spins. If you perform well in the bonus round, you could get up to 50 free spins, and a 4x multiplier on all wins you achieve as well.

Our Game Rating

We test-played this game over several sessions and got to know it well. After getting more familiar with the slot, we decided to rate it a 4.3 out of 5.0. This game is entertaining and nice to look at and offers really exciting winning opportunities too. Between all those different benefits, there is a lot to like about this game, and there are very few things that are wrong with it.

Big Wins through the Bonus

During the base rounds, you can win up to 2,500 coins per line. During the bonus round, the prize value increases to up to 10,000 coins. The best wins occur during the bonus rounds of this slot when combinations of wins occur most of the time. Big wins can occur at any point, though, and some big winners achieved their victories without winning big during the bonus.

Play for Free

Whether you're looking for free entertainment or you want to get more familiar with the game before spending your money on it, you can play this game for free for as long as you want. The slot is available in a special demo mode, and while playing in that mode, you won't spend any money at all. It's easy to start wagering on the slot and to have fun over time with the game in this mode. Some gamblers swap between playing with their casino balance and playing with a play money balance to keep their fun going for longer.

Start Wagering Real Money Quick

This slot was designed for play with real money, and it's an excellent option if you're looking for a way to bet easily. The moment you join a casino that offers the game and you fund your account, you are ready to begin playing. This simple process is ideal for gamblers that want to take advantage of all the features offered by the slot, and it's something that anyone can begin doing quickly.

Try the Game on Mobile

Mobile wagering is one of the most modern ways to enjoy online casinos, and this slot is perfect for that. Even though it's an older game, it's designed to work on most tablets and smartphones. No apps are necessary to enjoy this game on mobile, and you should definitely test it out first before spending money on it if you're curious about its mobile capabilities.

Cash Bandits is the first game in the series, and it's still an excellent slot experience even though the newer versions of the game come with notable improvements. If you want to see where the series started, or you're just looking for another enjoyable slot that offers a good value to gamblers, try this one out. You won't be sorry that you did.