Witch's Brew Slots

Witch's Brew is a well-loved slot game from Realtime Gaming that's been played by a large number of gamblers from around the world. We were immediately taken in by the look and feel of this slot game, but we also heard the bonuses were decent too. We completed a full test session with this slot and had mixed feelings about it. Find out exactly why those feelings were so mixed by taking the time to read through our complete review. Take the time to do this, and you'll learn all you need to know to decide if this game is worth trying yourself.

Made by Realtime Gaming

This game was crafted by Realtime Gaming, a leader in the gambling industry today. This development company offers access to some of the best games available today. That means that if you join a casino with this slot, you'll have access to hundreds of other options as well that you'll likely enjoy as well.

It Comes with a Demo Mode

This game comes loaded with a special Demo mode that anyone can utilize to test things out first. In the Demo mode, all the features of the game are the same, but you don't spend any real money to play. This is good news for the players that want to try out the different bonuses and more from this game without risking their own money.

A Spooky Holiday Theme

This slot is for all the horror fans out there that are looking for a grim and spooky gambling experience. The game showcases a suspicious-looking brew bubbling in a cauldron, and it also shows off bottled eyeballs, frogs, black cats, candles, spooky potions, and more. It's set in a dark and creepy underground stone room, and it's easy to get sucked into the style of this game from the first moment you start to play.

A Design for All Gamblers

This game uses simple design practices and a smart layout to offer serious players all the features they could need while making the game easy to start for brand-new players. No matter how you play, you're likely to have a good time with this game anyway.

A Video Slot for Modern Players

This game is designed with modern graphics and cool bonus features to keep it interesting and make gamblers want to come back to play more. The first time you test this game, you'll likely be impressed with its features, and you'll pick up on the animations and the graphics, and everything else as you spend time with the game. There's a lot to love, even without a progressive jackpot to play for like many other games offer today.

Adjustable Paylines

There are 25 paylines available, but you don't have to wager on all of them while you play. In-fact you can wager on just a single line if you like. That means you can bet less while still making it possible to win big. You'll want to adjust the number of active lines as well as the coin value to create the ideal wager.

Precise Wagering Options for Most

Thanks to the adjustable paylines, you can wager just about any amount you like with this game as long as it's between a low of $0.01 and a high of $25.00. The high isn't all that impressive, but most players won't mind it. As long as you don't want to wager more than $25.00 per spin, this slot is a good option.

The Paytable Offers Respectable Prizes

We didn't mind the pay amounts offered on this slot's table. It's possible to win up to 5,000 coins from a single winning combination on one line. To do this, you'll need at least one wild along with a load of the highest value symbols. Wilds double wins, so they're required for the biggest payouts. Things get even more interesting during the bonus rounds of this slot when wins become more common.

Unlock Prizes with Wild Brew Respins

Getting three or more of a matching wild symbol triggers a special re-spin bonus round. In this round, the reels with the wilds are locked in place, and the remaining reels re-spin throughout the round. You get up to 10 re-spins and loads of chances to win some exciting prize payouts. This bonus is best with the witch wilds but will work with either wild symbol and can result in some excellent prize wins.

Achieve Major Prize Combos in the Goblin Blood Feature

The re-spin bonus is fun, but the Goblin Blood free spin bonus round is really what everyone should be hoping for. This exciting feature triggers three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Players enjoy 10, 25, or 125 free spins, depending on the number of scatter symbols they get to activate the round. Prize wins are doubled during this bonus, and the respin feature can be triggered during any of these bonus spins for even more winning opportunities.

Not a Great Value

This slot game doesn't offer the best value because it pays out less than 96% of the money paid in by players. That means that this game performs significantly less than the most generous slot games we've tested, and it's easy finding slots that pay better than this one. Even with that information, many gamblers will want to play this game for its entertainment value because the bonuses are fun.

Our Rating

After trying this game and getting familiar with the different bonuses, the cool theme, and the potential for huge wins, we decided to give the slot 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. That's a decent rating; that's mostly lower because of a subpar payout percentage rate. The game just doesn't give out enough money compared to what it takes in, which means that it isn't the right option for everyone. The game is a lot of fun, though, and we recommend it to players that like the look and the bonuses.

The Best Wins Occur During Bonuses

It's possible to win thousands and thousands of dollars while playing this game, and some gamblers really do. The best wins occur during the different bonus features, but players can win up to 5,000 coins per line per spin during the standard rounds as well. That opens up the possibility for some significant wins, even without bonuses to help.

Play the Slot for Fun

This game runs in Demo mode for free if you want to try it out without spending your money. It's simple to load the slot up and play for as long as you like, and you'll still get access to all the bonuses and other features while playing in this way. This is how many gamblers start with the slot before moving on to playing with real money.

Play the Slot for Real Money

When you're ready to try for serious prize payouts, you can move on to playing with real money. This is fast and easy to do, and it's something you can start doing the first time you try this slot if you like. With a membership at a casino with games from Realtime Gaming, you can play Witches Brew for cash prizes whenever you like.

Take it With You on Mobile

This game is optimized to work on different mobile devices, which means you are free to bring the game with you while on the go. It runs in a web browser, and that includes the browser of most smartphones and tablet devices. If you're ready to take the game with you wherever you travel, you'll love how simple it is for you to do that.

Only after devoting so much time with this slot game can we confidently say that many gamblers will enjoy their experience with it. This isn't the most generous slot out there, but it's entertaining and still offers some huge wins to the lucky players that unlock them. There's a lot of potential in this slot, and it doesn't hurt that it's so beautiful to look at. Try it yourself and see if it's what you're looking for too.